A Weekend in Tenby – Part One

A short while ago my Mum invited me to spend the weekend with her in the Welsh seaside town of Tenby. Technically I was a replacement for her partner who had to look after their newly acquired cat (they didn’t intend on getting a cat, and then adopted one incredibly quickly) so I was called in last-minute lest the hotel go to waste, and hopefully because my Mum enjoys spending time with me! So I thought I would share what there is to do in a weekend in Tenby, things to see, where to eat etc.

We arrived late in the afternoon without much of a plan, Tenby is a town best enjoyed via a wander. We headed up to Castle Hill to soak up the views, from the very top you get a great panoramic view of the town and its beaches. We sat down by the Bandstand and looked out over St Catherine’s Island, which made for the ideal backdrop for the many photos I insisted my poor Mum take of me.

Once the ‘photoshoot’ was over, we went to grab some food opting to eat at The Qube, mainly because it was the first restaurant we saw whilst walking along the high street! It was a great decision though, the food was excellent – I’m a terrible food critic so I won’t attempt to describe the meal, but there was a group of us and we all scraped every last piece of food from our plates. As an alternative, I’ve also eaten at the Plantagenet House before, which is a 10th Century building turned into a restaurant with a very Tudor feel. It is an incredible building and the food there is good too if you prefer something a little more historic.

After dinner we had a bit of a potter around the shops too, I bought some sweet little amber earrings from the shop Equinox, which is full to the brim with trinkets and souvenirs. I also went in every sweet shop I came across (of which there are many) and discovered so many different flavours of rock – did you know you can get pizza flavoured rock?! My favourite of the bunch is Lollies because it is a traditional sweet shop, and is filled to the brim with sugary goodness.

As we lucked out with the weather, I wore my white Topshop straight leg jeans with a linen Jaeger jacket/top that my Mum picked up for me at a car boot sale a few years ago. As I knew we wouldn’t be doing a lot of walking, I wore my beloved Castañer wedge espadrilles– I am truly distraught that it is now too wet and too cold to wear these again. Until next year I guess…

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