A Walk to Mumbles

On a temperate day back in March I embarked on a walk from my home to The Mumbles, known as the ‘gateway to Gower’ it is a coastal town (or rather a village, lest I ruffle any feathers) with a host of good ice cream joints (important), a few shops, plenty of cafes, and of course a beach. It is also over four miles from my home. I guess I fancied the challenge.

I walked beside the beach, stopping every now and again to read my book and enjoy the bird song. It was thoroughly delightful, but I felt deserving of a hazelnut ice cream basket from Verdi’s Cafe by the time I arrived (it was delicious, 10/10 would recommend.)

I then had a wander around the town (village), headed to the pier (closed), strolled up to Oystermouth Castle (also closed), read some more of my book, and took a whole host of photos on my Grandad’s old film camera – which I am still struggling with. I think it is a bit too complex a film camera for me at the moment, but I’m nothing if not persistent.

Most of these photos were captured on the journey back, as for some reason, despite my legs crying out for rest, I thought walking back would be a good idea too. By about a third of the way home I deeply regretted my decision but didn’t want to quit, because I’m stubborn. I practically fell into the house on my return and felt so stiff I could barely walk up the stairs. I feel it was worth it though, given the golden light tinging most of these photos. It was a beautiful walk and I would gladly do it again.

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