My Favourite Items from the Elton John for Réalisation Par Collection

Today Réalisation Par released a limited edition collection in collaboration with Sir Elton John – which is possibly one of the most random partnerships I have ever come across – and naturally I had a little peruse of their site to see what’s what, and pick out my favourite pieces.

A graphic tee is always a sure fire winner in my opinion, and this Pegasus adorned baby t-shirt is sure to be the big sell out in my opinion. For one thing, it is the cheapest item of clothing on offer (if one can call £65 cheap…), but it is also the most versatile piece in that this can fit into anyone’s wardrobe. It looks very vintage inspired with its slightly snug fit, and whilst the print is loud, it feels far more relaxed on a white t-shirt rather than the dress with a similar motif. I think this would look great paired with the electric blue Jets skirt – that colour is everything I was expecting from this collection when it was announced, to me this is the colour of Elton John!

The Tiny Dancer dress (fabulous name) is the late 90s in a piece of clothing – the colour, the jacquard, and the spaghetti straps! Whilst this is one of the subtler pieces, it is so very pretty, and is the item calling me the most right now. Just imagine it with the Hercules t-shirt (or another graphic tee of your choosing) styled down for the day, and then glamming it up in the evening with strappy heels and a bag so small you can’t even fit your phone in… It is heavenly! Speaking of heavenly, this cherubic cloud print Amoreena dress is also incredibly whimsical and romantic with its mix of light blues, bell sleeves and button up front. Judging by the fact that most of the sizes appear to be sold out now, this one has clearly been favoured!

The snow leopard printed Little Jeanie dress is another more subtle piece that caught my eye. The pared down animal print looks very rock n roll, and I can imagine it looks great worn with an oversized leather jacket and Doc Martins, contrasting perfectly with the floaty silhouette. Finally, the Honkey Chateau scarf is the perfect 70s inspired piece for this collection. The embroidery is beautiful, and I love that it can be worn as a scarf or a belt – multipurpose pieces always pull me in!

Overall, I have to say this collection is a lot tamer than I expected, and whilst I really like a lot of the pieces, not many of them scream Elton John to me. I wish there was more of that vivid blue throughout, and that there were some new shapes and silhouettes used rather than their pre-existing styles, but the items mentioned are definitely tempting enough as is and I do think this is an exciting (if a bit bizarre) collaboration overall!

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