The Difficult First Post

Starting a blog is hard. A lot harder than I ever expected. I’ve had this website since 2015 – a fact I only just realised. For four years I have left this space empty, saying I would fill it up with words at some point. I guess now is that point, but that isn’t the point of this opening, which is to say, I’ve ignored this for too long.

The main problem I’ve had is just that actually creating a blog layout feels so incredibly confusing. My Dad actually set this up for me all the way back in 2015, which I am grateful for (though clearly not grateful enough to actually use it – see point one) but he set it up on possibly the most confusing hosting platform known to man – wordpress. Despite multiple talk throughs where I have understood the gist and thoroughly grasped the basics (bold, italics, link etc.), I still have no idea what I’m doing.
Don’t try to code’ he says.
I wouldn’t, the last time I used HTML was when MySpace was still bigger than Facebook.
Use the Divi Builder’ he sighs for the umpteenth time.
What’s a Divi Builder?’ I ask.
He shows me and it looks more confusing than actual code.
Isn’t it simple?’ he asks hoping I’ll finally leave him alone and get on with it.
I’ll play around,’ I say, ‘and come back to you if I can’t figure it out.
I can’t figure it out. I always come back to him.
Rinse and repeat.

After deciding enough was enough, I needed to get over my Divi Builder-blog-block and just get on with it, I logged in, determined to figure it out, only to find that Divi Builder is no longer compatible with my browser. Great.

A good few hours later and here we are, Divi Builder has been banished and a new theme installed (sorry Dad). It is still incomplete, a work in progress if you will (I don’t even have pages! I still don’t know what I’m doing!) but who really cares anyway? No more stalling, four years late and finally, the space filled with words, the dreaded first post over and done with. Success? Eh, we’ll see.

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